Vein Removal Surgery

Undergo Vein Removal Surgery through Bare Lazer

Vein removal surgery is a surgical procedure that removes varicose veins from your thighs and legs. Familiar with how our patients are concerned about the appearance of their legs, surgery can help reduce symptoms of swelling, itching, and pain. Minimally invasive and with little downtime involved, our vein removal surgery can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem in no time.

Whether you're worried about the pain, sleep, or mobility disturbances caused by varicose vein, Dr. Adams-Cortez can help you experience individualized patient care. Board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Obesity Medicine, she places her patient's needs as a top priority.

Find a Specialized Varicose Vein Surgery Option at Bare Lazer

With symptoms such as swelling, bluish veins, heaviness in your legs, and cramps causing you to feel uneasy, Bare Lazer can put an end to the continuous agony. Our service philosophy believes in providing our patient's tailored services, where their needs are catered to. Committed to getting you back to a normal lifestyle, Bare Lazer is experienced enough to understand your physical and aesthetic requirements. If you're tired of the fatigue or blood clots you experience due to varicose veins, sitting down for a consultation with Dr. Adams-Cortez can help put your issues to rest. That said, weighing in several things is important for determining a course of action:

• How healthy you are and your age;
• Your symptoms;
• The extent of your varicose veins;
• How well will you do by undergoing vein removal surgery;
• Your goals about how you wish to feel and look;
• What the doctor thinks will be your future condition.